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Here I am to worship here I am to bow down
June 22, 2010, 4:03 pm
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Okay so I’m slowly blogging about the baptist church music conference…yes I know I never finished going thru catalyst stuff. Forgive me…I try.

Blackaby round 2. All I basically need to say is 3 things to keep oin mind when approaching worship. 1-acknowledge who….this outta clear up lots of commenters about how that message was bad or music wasnt my style. 2-expectation- we should expect god to move…plan on invitation and have people ready to help pray and respond with people. 3-commitment…how will we respond

Noland round 2:

How to grow as a private worshipper. We cant lead our congregation on a journey we havent taken ourselves. A private worshipper (one p or two?!) makes corporate worship changed because they have prepped. Constantly make yourselves open to Gods presence. Set aside time to worship during the week. Some ideas he shared: “ACTS”, Psalm a day, meditate or pray names of God, which attribute means most to you right now, write your own psalm, daily nugget of praise. I like daily nugget of praise…probably because I need to be optimistic and this will help me stay focused.

How do you privately worship? Oh and if you see me singly loudly in the car…it’s probably to Christy Nockels you know I’ve got a “thang” for her music. Off to tend to my children!


O holy night…
December 13, 2009, 9:46 am
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Last night wasnt holy…sick kids means yucky no sleep momma thankfully Jason is an amazing husband and took care of the toddler so I just had baby duty. We decided we wanted a blog together so I will link to it.

You drive me crazy
December 8, 2009, 3:57 pm
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Okay driving with the Soph isnt fun. Yesterday my events were crazy! I NEEDED to meet PW or P-dub as I usually call her aka Ree Drummond. She’s beautiful and she has a great blog. Anyhow so heres my timeline of what I did in pictures…it was a rough day so this isnt everything

So it was a great day meeting her and my hubby is AH-mazing for going with me. The kids were pretty good…busy day with early buckhead trip, tumbling, time with the in-laws, pick up the hubby @ school, then head to the signing. She was really nice. Maybe I would’ve gotten more time if the people in front hadn’t kept coming back for pics…who knows. It’s still cool to go and did I mention I have hair envy?! Oh to be a successful blogger…off to the crying kid.

Kumbuya my Lord Kumbaya
October 17, 2009, 3:24 pm
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Today’s Catalyst post is brought to you by Priscilla Shirer.   She started with her encounter with Brian “Head” of Korn (is it with a C…you know the band…that I obviously dont listen to and I am too lazy to google because I’ve got just a few seconds before the 4 month old has a meltdown). Anyhow about how he followed Jesus, left the 20M contract or something ridiculous amount of $$$$ because he wanted to follow what God had in store for him.

Anyhow that’s a modern day example of someone whose life has been interrupted by God…Bibilical example we will invstigate is Joshua- Lead the people into Canaan.

4 Things he did to make an impact:

1- Rose early in the morning- ie he acted immediately in obedience. Oh How I wish me and my children had immediate obedience.

2- Acted fearlessly- somehow we got onto the point here of getting excited about treasure we already had…I’ll revisit this when the CD comes

3-acknowledge the presence of God- if God aint doing it I aint either

4- Consecrate yourself- anticipate good works. Take God out of the box of what we think he can do, stop praying safe prayers

She was the only main stage female and she was very great!

Come to Je-e-e-sus
October 16, 2009, 7:47 am
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Today’s post is short. Francis Chan spoke about how we should be suffering but through God’ grace we aren’t. He moved on to say as church leaders we are better @ teaching and giving grace to others than experiencing it ourselves. He asked us if we were enjoying our forgiveness?!

Sometimes as church leadership it is so hard to enjoy things because we have so much invested in it. We want it to run smoothly etc and lose focus of what the goal really was.

With that he moved on a little to Do we lack faith in the word that we have to make the resurrection sound better….crazy! They asked his to lead us in the Lord’s Supper (all 13K of us) and just look at Jesus. He said that’s all I have to talk about. But he said how many times do we try to out do everyone and preach the most amazing Easter sermon or describe God’s grace differently to make an impact more than the Word (capital W) of God.

I’ll leave you with those thoughts. I wish we had actually been able to partake of the bread and juice while we were there but they ran out. The leader in me would’ve done it differently…see how hard it is to step away and enjoy.

Okay…bacons in the oven gotta run

You never Cease to Amaze me
October 15, 2009, 7:43 am
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Okay I’m going to quickly blog about Matt Chandlers talk before the girls arise. He talked about confession and repentance…something you have to understand about Matt if you listen to his podcasts in general he recaps things he’s been talking about so I  had heard that message that those two things dont just happen at the time of salvation, rather they are part of sanctification.

There aren’t sins God is okay with. This is so true because sometimes as we “mature” we might think we aren’t sinning because its just something small but sinning (or breaking communion with God) is clearly a sin no matter what. Immaturity is revealed by God beckoning me to do something and me wanting to run away. His example was about him and his wife saving $$$ for something and then they felt like God was telling them to use it for something else and his immaturity was revealed by wanting to go ahead and spend the $$$ really quickly before they got a clear word from God.

He also spoke of sin for those who want something that isn’t theirs or lack of gratitude for what you do have…this isn’t so much as wanting stuff as it is a pride issue…I want to be the pastor of a large church, or I want to sell platinum albums and travel the country, or I want I a ministry like that when in reality God has not planned us for ministries like those. Be grateful for where you are. We may have a Moses ministry- wandering, complaining people never to enter the promise land only to see it

God has invited us to be a part of what he is doing, but we each play a different role.

Oh how I’m trackin’ on some Chandler!

Take me out to the ballgame
October 13, 2009, 4:00 pm
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Okay so wrong sport but I’m in a hurry and trying to write the post about Tony Dungy. Granted…I’m not a huge sports fan so I’m glad the world knows that I know that if I make a stupid football reference I’m sorry.

But he said his job as a coach is to have the players be as best as they can…isn’t that a great way to look at the role of a pastor or church leadership? They are there to serve their congregation…ensuring they get “fed”, have proper doctrine, and hopefully discipline all things a coach would do: tend to the “health” of the athletes, teach them, and correct their wrong doing! I could end there and be blessed but wait there is more…

People need leaders when things aren’t going so well…when you’ve just lost the game, players get worried about whose to be fired but thats not what he did…he made them do well what they already know how to do.  Sometimes in ministry something goes wrong and we tend to over fix…we just need to step back and say hmmm….where have our basics gone wrong.

Focus on what’s important- and don’t drop the ball before you store the touchdown. Don’t be rejoicing that the event is going to be pulled off flawlessly if it isn’t over…remember the youth pastors wife can always wake up at 3am on the LAST day of camp with food poisoning and threw a kink into the plans!!!!

He also felt bittersweet about being fired from Tampa and them winning the superbowl the following year-oh how in ministry we dont always reap what we sow! And vice versa for all you over confident peeps!

Something I want to look into is All Pro Dads- deficit in parenting- even though we are technologically connected to our kids we are relationally disconnected. They also have a moms program…   Go check it out! Off to keep the oldest kiddo from smothering the youngest!